The Stagey Place

S2 Ep 3 I Ceola Daly and Domicic Gray

October 21, 2020

From Writing, Producing and Editing their brand new musical TAKE ME BACK over Lockdown, as well as gearing up for the exciting online concert happening this weekend, entitled An Evening With Emerging Writers, Ceola Daly and Domicic Gray have struck gold in continuing to produce the most high quality of Musical Theatre goodness, excelling with their creative minds, and we are delighted to have the two join us here for an episode of The Stagey Place!

You can follow Ceola and Dom on their joint Instagram and Twitter profile (@GrayAndDaly),  as well Red Piano Productions on Instagram (@redpianoproductions) and Twitter (@redpinaoprod). You can follow The Stagey Place on Instagram and Twitter (@TheStageyPlace).

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